vendredi, juillet 06, 2007

You know what I love?

Sideburns. I think they're fascinating and more men should have them.

Other foxy things:
** my new red journal in all its buttery-leathery-Italian goodness. Friends, if I could marry any inanimate object, this would be it.
** luxuriously retro Airstream trailors.
** this guy from The Sartorialist -- he couldn't be any snazzier.
** spending time with my parents and brothers, who crack me up and let me be my spazzy self.
** the scenery and music (and let's face it, everything else) in Miss Potter.
** the ever-sexy Container Store. Rowr!
** the 80's versions of Scott Baio and Tony Danza.

{I'm afraid I shan't ever stop loving them.}

2 commentaires:

Cole a dit…

Neither 80's Baio nor 80's Danza has sideburns.

Katie a dit…

New journals ARE foxy. And so is Miss Potter. I'm in the market for a new journal...where did you get yours?