vendredi, juillet 20, 2007

Ready to roll.

All right, I've had it. I'm ready. I'm ready to get rid of everything Bret and I own except:

1. my cardigans {I suppose underwear and pants are a must, too, if I'm to not get arrested.}
2. a few select books
3. our laptop
4. our cats
5. beauty/hygiene products {because don't want me to do away with soap and shampoo.}
6. my boxes of writing and old letters
7. our fold-away dining table {the chairs fold up inside it! it's so small and perfect.}

I would probably think of a few other things if I considered it for a few days, but the point is that I don't need lots of furniture, knick-knacks, appliances, or even a real bed. I believe in living a life of gratitude for little luxuries, but sometimes I feel such a deep fury against our material possessions that I want to stand on a street corner encouraging strangers to take everything away.

"Our DVD player? Take it! Take our microwave and our sofas, too!"

Bret and I have two primary dreams in life: to live in an Airstream travel trailer full-time for a year, and to build a 900 square-foot Tiny Tumbleweed House {actually, the house is more my dream than his}. Even though he is a pack-rat of sorts and I have to give useless belongings away behind his back {Hi, Bret!}, we both love the idea of living simply and small. Lightly, if you will.

That's why we are so enticed by this blog written by an earth-conscious woman who, along with her husband and small daughter, travels around the country in an RV powered by vegetable oil. Seriously. Tell me that this isn't the cheeriest tiny kitchen you've ever seen...and it's on wheels!

3 commentaires:

Cole a dit…

I can have all of Bret's stuff you give away behind his back?

wHiTNeY! a dit…

did you see that spice rack??!?
i've seen them use that on clean sweep many-a-times. it's marvelous.

Melissa a dit…

I've been following Sara's journey for a while now and find inspiration every time she posts too!

I'm with ya - determine what brings you the most joy and get rid of the rest!