mercredi, juillet 25, 2007


1. Diane Keaton. At sixty-one, she's still the sassiest lass around.
2. The art of Matte Stephens.
3. Post-sneeze relief.
4. Being finished with all things academic until next year, and then studying children's literature!
5. The writing of Maria Luisa Bombal. So passionate and tragic with a healthy dose of Virginia Woolf-y touches.
6. This Flickr photo set {of course the fox is my favourite}.
7. Engagement Season. So many of my friends have become recently engaged! I know some find the summer nuptial frenzy tiresome, but isn't it also incredibly sweet and such a great time for cake-tasting?

Here's something I don't love: the Library Lurker is back! Some of you may recall my anguish from last summer when, every time I went to the public library, a creepy teenage boy followed me from aisle to aisle and stared at me through the shelves. I finally had to plan my weekly trips around when Bret could come with me because I was so unnerved {and the library is not Bret's favourite place}. But then suddenly the stalker vanished, and I never saw him again...until yesterday. Is it a summer thing, Library Lurker? Do you just enjoy prowling for nerdy, bookish girls from May through August? Hmmmmm. I think I need a burly library buddy with a very intimidating mustache.

Lately I've been studying blogs and books about the pursuit of non-traditional creative careers: occupations outside the cubicle. How fascinating to read about women who have shaped a lifetime career out of their passions: knitting, selling antiques, writing, painting, making music, and so forth. It's a grand ideal, but -- as many of these resources recognise -- it's not always easy to make a living being creative. Success requires business smarts as well as boldness, talent, and perseverance. The entire process just blows me away and makes me wonder how a pathetically non-crafty girl like myself could have a viable career simply by following my passions. Could I ever be a trampoline tester? A greeting card editor? A cat whisperer?

{One great book I've loved so far is called The Anti 9-to-5 Guide by Michelle Goodman. You can check out her helpful site here.}

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